Welcome to InfiniteCFO

I have been a CFO in some way, shape, or form for nearly 20 years. I have worked with tech founders, CEOs, investors, boards, and management teams of all shapes and sizes, providing strategic counsel, building and managing the finance function and leading fundraising and exit initiatives.


Over time, I began to see some recurring themes. Earlier-stage companies don’t usually have a core competence in finance and accounting so they focus on the tactical and transactional bookkeeping processes. They don’t spend enough time on business analysis and financial planning. As a result, the founders and their management teams struggled with poor insight into their financial position and performance and faced increasing administrative burden and compliance costs. Trying to assemble all of the pieces needed for a fund-raising round and preparing for due diligence was a Herculean task creating a lot of distraction and disruption in the day-to-day business.

The need

Many companies recognized they needed the expertise of a CFO but they weren’t necessarily ready to hire one, or even build out a full finance team beyond a junior accounting resource. As I worked with these companies at these earlier stages, it became increasingly obvious that if there was a foundation of process and best practices augmented by senior finance expertise, a well-run finance function could be built out. This would give the executive team the access to financial management capabilities and visibility into their performance and financial position they needed, until they were ready to recruit a CFO and build out a full-scale finance team.

Taking this to the next step, I started to ponder creating a technology platform that embeds and automates repeatable processes, delivers comprehensive views of the company’s financial situation at any time, with access to on-demand financial expertise that would allow managers to focus on running the business.

The answer

So here we are. Along with my co-founders, we are combining technology, process and domain expertise to build a full-stack, finance and accounting solution that puts the power of a world class finance team at the fingertips of CEOs, business owners, and management teams at every stage of their growth without having to build this capability internally.

Welcome to InfiniteCFO.